The HUGS Foundation Leading a worldwide crusade to stop sex trafficking and the abuse of children

Our Mission

mission To provide supplemental feeding, medical services, physical and social rehabilitation to physically challenged children on a personal, direct level. To provide practical training and education, empowering the less privileged to become independent and productive members of their society.

There are literally thousands of physically challenged children scattered throughout the Philippine Islands. The dangerous and mostly forgotten southern island of Mindanao has approximately 1 million of these unfortunate children. They come from the Basurahan (city landfills), Badjao (seaside Gypsies called "the God-forsaken ones"), under bridges and the slums of inner cities, Taga-Bukid (the children of the mountains) and Lasang (jungles).

It breaks your heart to see any child suffer. It hurts even more to see a child die because of a lack of funds to get them the care they so desperately need. The HUGS Foundation is here to give every child a fighting chance.