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Feeding the HungryOctober 2015

Landfills Full of Malnourished Children Can you imagine living in a landfill? Can you imagine calling such a place 'Home' and sifting through trash to scavenge enough to build a makeshift shelter and clothe yourself and your family? Many destitute families in the Philippines live in such conditions. Our feeding program is an outreach aimed at poverty-stricken families like these, and with tender compassion and care, we reach out to them and give them a wholesome meal. Thanks to the generous support of Jesus Is Lord Church in San Antonio, Texas, and each of you who support us financially, we are able to make a difference in the lives of people the world has forgotten and discarded. Did you know that you can change the life of a child for only $30 per month? We've made it easy for you to partner with us and get involved. You can enroll in a recurring monthly support program of $30 per month by clicking the gold tab at the bottom right of your screen. Or if you prefer to make a one-time donation, you can use the red tab at the bottom left of your screen. HUGS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your contributions are tax-deductible. It takes so little to make a difference - you can change a life today. Will you?

Landfills Full of Malnourished ChildrenMay 2015

Landfills Full of Malnourished Children Can you imagine a more heartbreaking scene? Landfills, full of other people's trash... and malnourished young children. Their families are in the most extreme poverty - their parents scavenge in the dump sites for the bare necessities of life and try to earn money by salvaging what little is of any value from the dump sites that they live in. One of our main outreach programs is providing healthy meals for these children. It's a bowl of food. And it may seem a small thing to most people - but when you're terribly hungry, it means the world. We love seeing the smiles on the faces of the children as they accept our gift of love and nourishment. You help make all this possible. It may seem a small thing to you, but it isn't small to these children. You can make a difference in the life of a child today. Will you? Financial contributions to the HUGS Foundation are tax-deductible and you can get involved by clicking the red tab at the bottom of your screen.

Spotlight: Grocery Distribution and Supplemental FeedingApril 2015

Many of the children we reach out to live in the local landfills where their parents scavenge for the necessities of life. HUGS reaches out to these families living in extreme poverty by providing groceries and supplemental feeding. It's a critical component to the help we provide, and compliments our educational outreach programs. Together, our programs are designed to provide opportunities to these destitute children that they wouldn't otherwise have, and our continued feeding and support outreach programs help them reach that tomorrow that we pray will be far better for them. You can help us change the destiny of a child for the better. Will you partner with us? Your financial contributions are tax dedutible, and online giving is easy and secure - just click the Get Involved tab at the bottom of your screen.

Spotlight: Medical OutreachMarch 2015

HUGS has long provided free medical care to disabled children throughout the Philippines. Our teams reach families who are unable to afford medical care for their children, as well as those living in poverty stricken areas. We help children with a large variety of disabilities and we provide physical therapy and rehabilitation, giving children a hope for a brighter future - but we can't do it without your help. You can make a tax-deductible financial contribution using the Get Involved link at the bottom of your screen. Together we can make a difference.

Spotlight: Our Feeding ProgramFebruary 2015

One of the core outreach projects of HUGS is our feeding program. We take food to the hungry and destitute children living in the jungles, we provide supplemental feeding to children who live in impoverished areas, we feed children who are disabled - we do this not just on the streets. We also visit schools where we're able to provide supplemental feeding to children - because it's easier to learn when your tummy isn't empty. We work to give all of these children a hope for a brighter future, to make sure they know they are loved. You can get involved by clicking the red tab at the bottom of your screen. You could have an incredible life-changing experience by accompanying our teams on the ground. If you're interested in traveling to the Philippines and working with one of our teams, please contact our Foundation headquarters.

Taking Love to the DisabledJanuary 2015

HUGS has a mission to change the lives of the destitute, and we do that on many fronts. Our teams strive to make sure that homeless children are well fed and have an education, we battle sex-trafficking around the globe, and we wage war on drugs that are destroying youth worldwide. But another area of focus - one very specialized - is our outreach teams in the Philippines that travel to the destitute and disabled. Our teams provide much needed physical therapy and rehabilitation to young and old who struggle with a variety of physical disabilities. Each life is precious to us, and we strive to improve the quality of each life, and to make a brighter future. Will you join with us in this crusade? Will you help us deliver much-needed medical aid to the destitute and disabled? You can get involved by clicking the red tab at the bottom of your screen. For more info on how you can arrange to partner with us to send large shipments of medical supplies, or provide assistance by accompanying our teams on the ground, please contact our Foundation headquarters.

Merry Christmas!December 2014

Christmas may be here for a season, but the spirit of Christmas dwells in our hearts at all times, for it is not the celebration itself that is most important, but rather the acts of love and goodness that we show towards others each day of our lives. Thanks to the generous support of our sponsors around the world, and Jesus Is Lord Church in San Antonio Texas, USA, the children in Illigan City got to have a HUGS Christmas. With full tummies and full hearts, we and all the children we are blessed to be able to help, wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!

Happy Thanksgiving!November 2014

For most people in the USA, Thanksgiving involves gathering with family and recognizing all that we have to be thankful for. It also usually involves a rather lavish feast with those most dear to us. This year, we wanted to give our generous supporters one more thing to be thankful for: the smiles on the faces of these sweet little children. Your generous support enables us to provide supplemental feeding to orphans and destitute children in poverty-stricken areas, so that they don't go hungry. We're also thankful for each and every one of you - without your support, this wouldn't be possible. So thank you to everyone who has helped us change the life of a child. It's so very rewarding to see the sparkle in the eyes of these children. You're helping make the world a better place, and with your continued support, the future will be something for them to look forward to. If you've not yet had the opportunity to partner with us, we invite you to do so now - you can make a tax-deductible financial contribution by clicking on the 'Get Involved' tab at the bottom of your screen. You can change the life of a child today. Will you?

Reaching Out in Iligan CityOcotber 2014

We've been busy the past few months! As part of the HUGS outreach in Iligan City, we got to visit and spend time with the wonderfully special children at Buru-un Elementary School. These students struggle with all manner of disabilities including Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, Autism, Hearing Impairment, and some are Mentally challenged. But despite all these things, love still finds a way to shine through and touch hearts and change lives.

And that's not all - we were also able to be a part of the Vibe Bible School Culmination, providing supplemental feeding as well as school supplies for over 100 children!

We're having a real impact on the ground thanks to your generous support. You can make a tax-deductible financial contribution by using the Donate tab at the bottom of your screen. Or, if you'd like to travel with one of our mission teams to the Philippines and work directly with the children we help, please Contact Our Foundation Headquarters to discuss ways you can be part of the team!

Building A Brighter FutureAugust 2014

The HUGS Foundation has always been focused on making tomorrow better - on building a brighter future by changing the lives of children. Thanks to your generous support, we're doing just that. Our supplemental feeding program helps children stay healthy, which isn't easy when they come from impoverished families. Having a full tummy helps them stay focused on learning and our educational outreach programs help prepare these children for the opportunities they will discover in the years ahead. With your help, we're making a difference today, to make a brighter future in the days to come. You can make a tax-deductible financial contribution by using the Donate tab at the bottom of your screen. Or, if you'd like to get invovled in larger operations including traveling to the Philippines and working directly with the children we help, please Contact Our Foundation Headquarters to discuss ways you can be part of the team!

Making a DifferenceJuly 2014

Our team has been busy changing lives thanks to your generous support! Providing nourishment with supplemental feeding programs, providing school supplies to help these children prepare for the future, and making sure each one of these children know that they matter, that someone loves them and that they are cherished. When love is missing from life, days are dark now matter how brightly the sun may shine. But when love is present, even the darkest days can hold happiness and meaning. Click the "Get Involved" tab at the bottom of your screen to donate to the HUGS Foundation - we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organization and your financial contributions are tax deductible. The need is immense, but with your help, we can change lives. You can make a difference. Will you?

It's a thing called LoveJune 2014

When you see a hungry child, when you look into their eyes... what do you see? Most see a problem they don't want to face and look the other way. But thankfully, a few look and see a person, a life, and a need that they can fill. From the beginning, our CEO Ken Small and the staff of the HUGS Foundation has tirelessly sought to reach out to the impoverished and help them. It doesn't take big government reform, it doesn't require outrageous sacrifice - it requires just one thing: love. Can you look at another human being in need and love them by meeting that need? A plate of food. A blanket to keep them warm at night. A bottle of clean water. The needs are simple. And they are small enough that a single individual can make a huge difference in the life of another. Our staff is on the ground sharing your love with those in need. Will you partner with us? We can accomplish much more if we work together. You can make a financial contribution using the Donate tab at the bottom of your screen, or you can Contact our Foundation Headquarters if you'd like to sponsor larger aid shipments of food, bottled water, clothing and medical supplies. We want to partner with you to change lives. You can make a difference. Will you?

Changing Lives in the Philippines May 2014

Julie Jane Cardenas, our HUGS Center Director in Lapu Lapu, has created this video showcasing our operations in the Philippines:

Distributing Aid and SuppliesApril 2014

We cannot say thank you enough for all the generous support pouring in to aid those impacted in the Philippines. HUGS CEO Ken Small along with members of our staff from Lapu Lapu as well as from San Antonio in the USA were on the ground in the Philippines personally distributing aid and supplies to those impacted by Typhoon Yolanda - the worst storm in Philippine history. Even the Philippine Air Force helped us with the distribution! Check out the latest photos in our Photo Gallery to see how your generous support is making a real difference to people in need. They've lost everything, but with your help, they can recover. We thank all of our partners that have helped make this outreach possible.

Aiding the Recovery...March 2014

Despite the disastrous typhoon strike destroying our HUGS Center, we have not stopped reaching out to the poor, the disabled, the hungry. Thanks to your generous support, we've been able to continue providing aid in the form of basic necessities, medical care, and supplemental feeding to those impacted by the disaster. The task remains monumental, and we desperately need your continued assistance. Please join us in our fight to stabalize the families impacted by this tragedy. Your ongoing support allows us to continue to provide food, water, clothing, medical aid, and shelter. Tonight, a child could go to bed with a full tummy - thanks to you. Financial contributions can be sent using the Donate tab at the bottom of your screen, or you can Contact our Foundation Headquarters if you'd like to sponsor larger aid shipments of food, bottled water, clothing and medical supplies.

Worst Tropical Cyclone in History Strikes the PhilippinesNovember 2013

The Super Typhoon strike on the Philippines has destroyed our HUGS Center and our Director's child is in the hospital. We are scrambling to get aid into the area. The destruction is immense and we desperately need your help! You can use the donate tab at the bottom of the page to send a financial contribution.

Shining Light Into the Darkness August 2013

Julie Jane, Director of our HUGS Outreach in Lapu-Lapu, describes working with the children of Villaverna Village as "self-fulfilling." The children are excited to participate in school activities and they eagerly listen during Bible Study as Julie Jane shares God's word with them.

What you are witnessing is the eyes of a new generation being opened. The task is so simple, the rewards so great. With your help, we can reach even more children in the surrounding areas. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us to change the lives of these children. Together, we can make a tremendous difference. Will you join us? You can financially support our outreach by clicking on the Donate tab at the bottom of the page, or you can Conact our Foundation Headquarters to partner with us to get much needed food, clothing and supplies into our outreach areas.

School Without Walls June 2013

School Without Walls These are the children in Villaverna Village. Each student wants to attend school but they are unable to because their families cannot afford to send them. Julie Jane, teacher and director of our current outreach in Lapu-Lapu, first visited these children in 2009, and discovered that all of them were eager to learn. These children have dreams of careers, some want to be nurses, teachers, or work in law enforcement. Each child is different and special, each one has gifts, talents, abilities and passions.

Julie Jane shares with them her knowledge, teaching them the importance of education, teaching them English so that they will have many more opportunities available to them in the future, and she is trusted and adored by all of them. After class they have Bible study, and the children get a nutritious meal.

Thank you so much for sponsoring our outreach in Lapu-Lapu and helping us expand our educational programs. Please continue to prayerfully support this project, help us to educate and prepare the next generation so that their futures can be bright. They have much to contribute to the world, and you will never know just how powerfully your gifts, prayers and sponsorship have changed the world for the better. You can financially support this outreach by clicking the button at the bottom of your screen. For children whose families are stricken with poverty, your support means the world to them. But don't take our word for it, you can hear it directly from Julie Jane and the children:

Help us save the children of Panabo City May 2013

One of the most heart-breaking sights in the world is that of a hungry child. Our HUGS Center in Panabo City is a beacon of hope to these children. Most of them are malnourished. Some of them are homeless and orphaned. Those fortunate enough to still have parents that love them are still in extremely poor, poverty stricken houseolds. With only a small piece of land to farm, families struggle to get by.

Surrounded by mountainous jungles these children are ignored by the outside world as they are in an area that is extremely hard to reach. But our HUGS Center in Panabo City is ideally located to not only reach them, but provide love and hope to them as well. The abandoned and forgotten children in the jungles flock to us. Your support of our Panabo City center allows us to provide food to these hungry children, as well as education so that they will be able to grow up in a hostile world and change it for the better. We desperately need your assistance to continue providing food, clothing and medical assistance to the forgotten and abandoned children in this region.

You can partner with us financially by clicking the Donate tab at the bottom of your screen, or you can Contact Our Foundation Headquarters to discover other ways you can help us meet vital needs for Panabo City or any of our HUGS Centers.

Filling Hearts, Minds and Tummies in Lapu-Lapu April 2013

We're thrilled to share our joy with you over our new Lapu-Lapu HUGS center. Director Julie Jane spends time with the children, making sure each one knows they are treasured and loved. The children are learning English, which will open a whole new world for them to continue their studies as they grow older. In addition to fun classroom education, every child gets a healthy meal too so that they can learn and play without the nagging pains of hunger - always a vital part of our HUGS outreach. Our newest HUGS center is off to a great start, and we'd love for you to help us expand it even more! You can partner specifically with our Lapu-Lapu center to help us expand our outreach, continue to provide education, hot meals, medical aid and clothing to the many children in need. Providing education now will allow them to be productive adults in the future - literally changing the lives of a whole generation! It's so easy to partner with us, so easy to make a difference in the life of these children. You can partner with us financially by clicking the Donate tab at the bottom of your screen, or you can Contact Our Foundation Headquarters to discover other ways you can help us meet vital needs for Lapu-Lapu or any of our HUGS Centers.

Thank You from Panabo CityMarch 2013

We want to send a special Thank You for the recent generous outpouring of support for our HUGS Center in Panabo City. That support has enabled us to feed hungry children, teach them, pray with them, laugh with them, and make sure they know they are loved. It's truly wonderful to see the face of a child light up when they realize that someone loves them and cares about them, that they matter. You help us make a difference in so many lives, and we are so thankful to have your support. Stay tuned in the months ahead as we expand our coverage of the various HUGS projects, we've got a lot that we're excited to share with you!

Expanding to Lapu-LapuFebruary 2013

Though extremely poor by western standards, our new HUGS center in Lapu-Lapu provides food, medical aid, and education to the 60 children living in the nearby jungle - teaching them English, and stories about God's love. In the midst of a world that doesn't seem to care, we are thrilled to be able to share with these children that they ARE loved and that someone DOES care! We are so grateful for your support in helping us to reach these children. Julie Jane Cardenas is the director of our new Lapu-Lapu HUGS center, and she holds a degree in Special Education and is certified for both elementary and secondary education. We are just beginning this project and are in great need of your financial support and assistance to continue and expand our outreach in this area. Will you prayerfully consider joining us to reach out to these children? Together, we can make - literally - a world of difference to these kids. To get involved in this project, you can donate financially by clicking the tab at the bottom of your screen, or Contact our Foundation Headquarters to discuss ways of helping us get food, clothing, and other necessities to our new HUGS Center. We've also added some new photos to our Photo Gallery so you can share with us the joy of the children's smiles as we continue to touch their lives thanks to your generosity and love.

Spotlight: HUGS Center in Panabo CityJanuary 2013

In addition to our HUGS Center in Illigan City in the north, we also have a HUGS Center in Panabo City to the south. Our HUGS team there works to meet a very vital need. They go throughout the mountainous areas to feed children and distribute rice to families there. Because these people are so poor, it is very hard for them to eat everyday. As in so many areas throughout the Phillippines, HUGS supplemental feeding programs are essential to the continued survival of many people. There are many outreach programs in operation through HUGS, but it's hard to hear when your're desperately hungry. Providing food for the poorest in these regions is often the first step to helping them improve their lives. A smile, an outstretched hand, and a bowl of food can lift even the heaviest of starving hearts. You can share in the joy of helping hurting souls by partnering with us. To save a life, and help change that life for the better - it's one of the most important reasons to exist. We invite you to join us in reaching out to the hurting souls in Panabo City and beyond. For more information on how you can get involved directly with this program, Contact our Foundation Headquarters or if you'd like to donate financially, you can click the donate tab at the bottom of your screen. Please also visit our Photo Gallery to see some of the latest pictures we've added from our team in Panabo City.

Thank You For Making A Difference!December 2012

Dear HUGS Supporters,

Your love, generosity and support, have enabled HUGS to do some really great things this year. In spite of financial hardships, we have expanded our operation to Lapu-Lapu on Mactan Island off the coast of Cebu. We are also planning on establishing another HUGS Center on the Island of Bohol.

Earlier this year, with International Rotary Support (see news article below) we acquired a dedicated HUGS vehicle which has greatly expanded our outreach to the children of the jungles as well as those living in the Iligan City landfill. After our HUGS Center was destroyed in December of 2011 by the Typhoon strike, we acquired the use of a UNICEF building which is located in the Iligan City landfill. This has allowed us to greatly help those living there.

Your continued support of HUGS will enable many suffering families to become self-supporting through our skills training programs (which we will be featuring stories on in the months to come so stay tuned!). We will also be able to continue to provide medical services and supplemental feeding to those in need until those families can get on their feet financially. There are so many ways we can make a difference, and so many opportunites for us to help hurting souls. Thank you so much for continuing to stand with us. You literally help us make a world of difference to each life we are able to touch.

Cat 5 Typhoon Slams MindanaoDecember 2012

"Typhoon Bopha slammed ashore on the Philippine island of Mindanao at 4:45 am local time on Tuesday morning as a Category 5 storm with 160 mph winds. Bopha is the third Category 5 typhoon to affect the Western Pacific this year, and the strongest typhoon ever recorded to hit Mindanao, which rarely sees strong typhoons due to its position close to the Equator. The death toll from the powerful storm already stands at 40, and is expected to rise. While passage over land has weakened Bopha to a Category 2 storm, the tropical cyclone is spreading torrential rains over a large portion of the southern Philippine Islands, and this will cause serious flooding problems today" said chief meterologist Dr. Jeff Masters from Weather Underground. "The island of Mindanao is highly vulnerable to flood disasters from tropical cyclones; last year's Tropical Storm Washi, which hit Mindanao on December 16, 2011 with 60 mph winds and torrential rains, killed over 1500 people."

Ken and Tessie Small recently returned from Mindanao where they relocated the HUGS Center to the landfill to better administer aid to those living there. Miraculously, the UNICEF building we are using has not yet sustained any noticeable damages. HUGS recently shipped our Rotary donated van to Lapu-Lapu. If it had been in use in Iligan City, it would have been destroyed! But now, we must get it back to Iligan City for immediate use to get water, food and supplies to those in need, and to help transport wounded to our HUGS Center and to the hospitals. We desperately need your financial assistance. You can click on the donate tab at the bottom of your screen, or Contact Our Foundation Headquarters for additional ways you can help us meet needs during this crisis.

Spotlight: Feeding the Hungry December 2012

The poverty in the Philippines is so extreme that it's difficult to translate into words. HUGS tries to reach children in a number of ways, including providing them with love, education, clothing - but often the most critical need is one that never goes away: their tummies need to be filled. Gourmet meals aren't known here, but thankfulness is. When a child is hungry, nothing says "I love you" like a bowl of food. And though we try to meet other needs as well, the issue of hunger often is first on the list. New clothes won't take away a child's hunger, nor will a hungry child be able to concentrate in a classroom to learn anything. So HUGS has, as a primary mission, feeding these children. Meeting this basic need, allows us to continue to help them and meet their other needs as well. It's also part of the HUGS outreach. We even take food to the children who live in the landfills. You can't even begin to imagine what a difference this makes in the life of a child. And that's where you come in. You see, the need is very very great. The number of children starving to death is staggering. We want to feed them all, but we can't do it alone. We need your help. Together, we can touch hearts. Together, we can take away the hunger of a child. Will you help us? There are a variety of ways you can help us meet these needs, from helping us get food to our teams on the ground, to simple financial donations that allow us to send more to them. Even one child fed makes a world of difference to that child.

You can Contact our Foundation Headquarters to learn more about how you can help us meet these needs, or you can donate financially by clicking the tab at the bottom of your screen. Be sure to explore our Photo Gallery to see more photos of the happy children you help us provide food for.

Greeted by Smiles of Joy October 2012

There is a heartbreaking scene in Iligan City. Known as the "God-forsaken ones," the poorest of people actually live in the city landfills where they scracth out a living by scavenging, while being shunned by the rest of the world. Yet even in these bleak circumstances, the children greet you with a smile, open arms, and open hearts. Their eyes tell a story. Their hearts ache for love. HUGS ministers to them with the loving support of people just like you. Supplemental feeding programs, clothes, blankets and more are provided to all we are able to help. Will you partner with us so that we can reach even more? It takes so little to touch the heart of a child. Please help us minister to their needs. You can Contact our Foundation Headquarters to participate in our ongoing support operations, or you can donate financially by clicking the tab at the bottom of your screen. If you'd like to see more smiling faces of the children we've had the wonderful opportunity to help, explore our Photo Gallery.

You Can Help Dreams Come True October 2012

Maria's mother died when she was 8. She was raised by her grandmother whom she now helps support as a house helper. Now 17, she dreams of attending a 2 year college to study to be a Chef. The cost of her education would be about $30 per month. This is just one of many examples of how easy it is for you to make a difference in someone's life. If you'd like to dramatically change the life of Maria and others we'd love to provide with financial assistance so they can learn a trade and help support their families, please Contact our Foundation Headquarters or click the Donate tab at the bottom of your screen.

Urgent Needs October 2012

A poor mother of 8 children living in a jungle shack is in desperate need of a small hut as her newborn suffers from rain coming through the roof.

Another mother, Vergie (a widow with 4 children) works as a househelper while her two eldest children (14 & 16) work and go to school. Her younger children are in school as well. Their home is in desperate need of improvement to help keep out the weather.

These are just two of the many families we are working to assist, but we need your help. The rains are especially heavy during this season. Please partner with us so we can meet these urgent needs. Contact our Foundation Headquarters for additional information on how you can make a difference, or click the Donate tab at the bottom of your screen to contribute much needed funding to these projects.

Cebu Outreach September 2012

Cebu Wash Day It's a typical washing day in this small fishing village. To help these residents provide adquate support for their families on an on-going basis, HUGS is establishing self-sustaining / self-sufficient programs to help the people of Cebu far into the future, not just for today. HUGS is providing "start-up" funding for small business projects that will allow residents to live productive, fulfilling lives and support their families. To learn how you can get involved in this exciting outreach project, please Contact our Foundation Headquarters.

Spotlight: Why We Exist May 2012

philippine_soldier A patrol of Philippine soldiers traveled through dense jungle. Something moved in a clearing ahead. Was it an ambush? A few scouts moved forward, weapons ready, to investigate the source of the movement and discovered a malnourished eight month old baby girl crawling along the ground. She wasn't alone. Before the patrol returned to base, they discovered several more abandoned infants.

After 12 hours crossing through jungle covered mountains, the HUGS team climbed down a small cliff to reach little Melinda. As they began to cross a small stream, villagers warned of numerous large, deadly cobra snakes ahead. The team was forced to take a different, longer path to reach the little girl. They finally found her abandoned in her bamboo and napa-leaf hut. She had died of malnourishment just hours before the team could rescue her.

Abandoned children are found almost daily. Once a farmer plowing with his water buffalo heard a baby's cry. He searched some nearby bushes and found two abandoned children. A group of teenagers on their way to a shopping mall heard a strange sound coming from a nearby trash bin. They opened the lid and discovered two starving children.

Tragedies like these occur every day. The horror a Filipino mother faces when she must abandon her weakest child so that the rest of her children can live is unimaginable.

Millions of abandoned, malnourished and/or physically challenged children are scattered throughout the Philippine's 7,000 islands. The southern island of Mindanao (with a population of nearly 14 million), harbors approximately one million of these destitute children.

The need is so great, that many feel their financial support couldn't possibly make a difference. But that simply isn't true. It makes a world of difference for every single child we're able to help. It's a destiny changed for the better, one heart at a time. Please parter with us. Together, we can change lives.

International Rotary Support March 2012

l300_iligan_city The San Antonio North Centeral Rotary Club in Texas, USA, along with the Nuevo Laredo Santander Rotary Club (Mexico), and the Takamatsu North Rotary Club (Japan) funded the purchase of a Mitsubishi L300 vehicle which was immediately put into use by our team in Iligan City.

Because of this outpouring of international support and compassion, we've been able to get food and supplies to those who desperately need it. The aftermath of the December flood has left more than 10,000 families in Iligan City destitute. Our supplemental feeding program is vital until they can get back on their feet. Because much of the public transportation was destroyed, the gift of this vehicle has been vital in allowing us to reach the hurting souls in need.

HUGS First Responders January 2012

post_flood_outreach While half of our Iligan City HUGS Center staff lost their homes, we were still first on the scene with relief goods, food and medical supplies for those devastated by the December flood. Your generosity has enabled us to provide vital necessities for the thousands of people made homeless by this tragedy. We continue to struggle to reach places where travel is nearly impossible to get to those in need. Our staff is on the ground, ready to go, but we are still in desperate need of food and medical supplies to equip our teams. The need is great, and even a small contribution can help save a life. It's so easy for you to help us. Will you?

Floods Devastate Iligan City and Beyond December 2011

iligan_city_flood The raging floodwaters came like a thief in the night to Iligan, a city unaccustomed to storms and floods. While people were sleeping and children were dreaming of Christmas, suddenly massive amounts of water came rushing down from the mountains. In less than one hour, the water level rose to eleven feet, washing away everything in it's path. Homes, livestock, people - were swept away or buried under piles of mud. Iligan City mayor, Lawrence Cruz, said "It has affected so many of our people that even those who are expected to help are also victims." He went on to describe the calamity as the worst in Iligan City's history. Authorities are hard-pressed to cope with the enormous devastation, and mortuaries are being overwhelmed as emergency teams struggle to find survivors and tend to some 47,000 people huddled in evacuation centers.

HUGS was putting together the final touches for a Christmas party to be held at the City's landfill for the children who live there. The flood has washed away not only the presents, but many of the children as well. And half of our staff have also lost their homes. We desperately need food, clothing and medical supplies. For more information about our most urgent critical needs and how you can help, please Contact our Foundation Headquarters.