The HUGS Foundation Leading a worldwide crusade to stop sex trafficking and the abuse of children

The HUGS Foundation is Fighting Back

HUGS has a long-term multi-phase campaign to combat this attack on children worldwide. Though starting in the U.S., it is planned to be a worldwide operation. HUGS involvement will progress phase by phase as funds and resources become available. You can help us reach these milestones and step up our involvement by supporting this project.

Phase I

HUGS has launched nationwide operations focused on educating the public through various means such as speaking engagements to schools, churches, civil organizations, etc. Printed materials are being distributed and disbursed along with the utilization of the social media. Funds are still needed for transportation costs, displays and booths at local, state and national events. Every means possible are being used to help our children not to become statistics of the growing epidemic of the human sex trafficking in the U.S. and around the world.

Phase II

HUGS will assist local, state, and national government and private organizations who provide shelter, counselling, etc. to victims who have either managed to escape or whom have been rescued.

We Need Your Help

As you can tell, the task is monumental. And that is why we can't do it alone. We need you to partner with us. Together, we can change the world and make it a better place for each and every child. Will you partner with us and help us to both prevent children from falling prey to this horrific plague, and to help heal and rehabilitate children who have endured it and survived? Our children do not deserve to be abused like this, they depend on us to protect them. Please stand with us, and help us to educate, prevent and rescue all that we can. Every child is precious. You can click the red tab at the bottom of the page to financially contribute and get involved. Please prayerfully considering partnering with us as we fight for children all over the world - including yours.

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