The HUGS Foundation Leading a worldwide crusade to stop sex trafficking and the abuse of children

Did You Know...

We need to empower our children, our adolescents, and our college kids. We need to know how to protect our children from being trafficked for sex. To schedule a PowerPoint Presentation and show you our movie documentary on the topic to your group of 25 persons or more, please call our offices at (210) 846-8441. Our presentations can be either in English or in Spanish. We offer these FREE PRESENTATIONS to businesses, churches, civic groups, schools, neighborhoods, etc.

How you can help:

Thousands of U.S. children are being forced into prostitution, pornography and being savagely abused in the process. But the HUGS Foundation is fighting back. We have a 3-phase campaign to help educate and prevent these atrocities, and to rescue, provide for and rehabilitate those who survive. Join us in this fight to protect and save our children. Don't let this happen to your child.

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