The HUGS Foundation Leading a worldwide crusade to stop sex trafficking and the abuse of children

It's every parent's worst fear...

Every parent's worst fear... There is a horrific epidemic destroying the lives of our children. Did you know that over 60,000 Texas-born children are lured and forced into sex trafficking each year? They are ripped away from their families... their hopes and dreams are shattered... their lives are turned into a living hell...

... is your child safe?

Sadly, according to the FBI, the rescue rate of children abducted by sex traffickers is less than 1/2 of 1 percent.

The HUGS Foundation is leading a worldwide crusade to stop sex trafficking and the abuse of children - and we need your help! Most Americans are shocked to discover just how widespread this crime is right in their own cities and towns. In fact, your children may have already been approached by someone trying to lure them into this insidious trap.

How it starts...

How it starts... The majority of transactions for sex with underage girls start on the Internet. In fact, a staggering 66% of girls ages 12-16 have been approached online via:

If that shocks you, 33% said they had actually met up with someone they met online. And incredulously, 14% have been outright sexually solicited online. As a parent, you absolutely must be aware of this danger and take appropriate measures to protect the safety of your children.

How it happens...

Predators Predators often meet girls at public places such as a mall, where they'll then be invited to a 'party' and be abducted. Sex traffickers are smooth talkers - masters at manipulating vulnerable teens. Often, drugs are used to 'groom' a girl before forcing them into the sex trade, where the following devastating consequences await:

These horrific scars will be carried by them for the rest of their lives.

It's a worldwide atrocity being committed against children...

More than 300,000 American children are lured, or forced, to become sex slaves each year. From the holmesss children on the streets to those living in affluent neighborhoods — children in the United States are increasingly becoming vulnerable to sex traffickers.

The average life span for a child prostitute in America is seven years. The average age of a sex-trafficked victim is between nine and nineteen years of age. The number of sexual acts a girl (or boy) must perform daily is twenty. $32 billion is earned annually from the child sex trade in the U.S. Only illegal drugs generates more income.

Sex traffickers manipulate their victims through compliments, promises and gifts and then abduct them. Some pimps just outright kidnap children as they walk to or from school, malls, parties, movies, etc. The FBI receives more than 2,000 missing child reports every day!

Many ask: Why don't they run away? For several reasons: Pimps torture and kill those who try to escape. Girls are told that police will jail them for being prostitutes. These predators convince victims that family and friends will no longer love and accept them. These children don't wake up one morning and decide they'll be prostitutes. They are forced into it against their will. Every thirty seconds an American girl becomes a victim of human trafficking.

How you can help:

Thousands of U.S. children are being forced into prostitution, pornography and being savagely abused in the process. But the HUGS Foundation is fighting back. We have a 3-phase campaign to help educate and prevent these atrocities, and to rescue, provide for and rehabilitate those who survive. Join us in this fight to protect and save our children. Don't let this happen to your child.

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